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shoes for me – oh you shouldn’t have

Shoe shopping has become a chore for me, now that I am in my 40’s. I swear every time I go to the mall, I hyperventilate when I need to shop for shoes because of  today’s Salvador Dali-ish approach to shoe design. But you know, one of the most amazing things happened to me the other day while I WASN’T actually shopping for shoes. I found a pair which I can actually wear in public and on my feet and be able to walk in them and actually feel sexy. Oh thank heaven, Virginia there is a Santa Claus!!!

Anyway, the shoes are made by guess who? Guess of course and are only 98 or so U.S. dollars and you can find them at any retail store which carry the Guess shoe brand.  They felt comfortable, sexy and seem actually doable for about 2 or so hours outside the house. And ladies we all know that having a good pair of flats (please no flip flops or bare feet) on hand is always useful when taking on the challenge of wearing one of these shoes to paint the town with or attend a high school reunion.

I have taken it upon myself to model the shoe for your viewing pleasure, let me know what you think?

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  1. Mauricio says

    Yes I must agree those shoes are very sexy. With all due respect, I appreciate women that wear sexy shoes. I can only imagen how hard and difficult getting around in a pair of those might be. I also concure with you in that, sometimes and eventualy most of the time we always stumble upon something we desire when we aren’t looking for it. In my opinion, it is wise not to “kill ourselves” looking for something we desire when it may already be there infront of us. It will come to you as sure as the laws of atraction exist!!!

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