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Holiday Series: In The Baking Mode

I am partly hosting a holiday-ish party next weekend and although most of the catering has been established, and deposits made, the snowflake cookies we envisioned isn’t going to happen – from a bakery. So, I volunteered to bake – for the first time – the said cookies and decorate them in time for the Saturday event.

Then of course, I stumbled upon this list of 12 simple and delicious baking recipes for this holiday season to gift all the wonderful beings in your life past the immediate family.  Check out some of my favorites and for the rest go here:

And since I usually tweak whatever recipe I want to try, I had to add my take on each one below:

Mini Gingerbread loaf, I would add almonds throughout

Cranberry white chocolate bundt cake – turned orange zesty for my variation

Candy Cane marshmallow – can be chocolate swirl too

Fruit and nut brittle stays just as it is – or maybe add some coconut flakes throughout

Chai dipped Christmas cookies – nix the chai, add some lemon zest for the ones I will be making

Whatcha ye baking?

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