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It Is The Holiday Season – Right?

I think the fact, Thanksgiving was the fourth Thursday in November instead of the third as normal, I feel thrown off – meaning – that last week of November was usually a buffer to get in the Christmas holiday mode. But this year, all of a sudden it is only 16 more days to Christmas and 23 more days to year end. What?

I mean, I am not freaking out, are you? Even if I haven’t sent out my Christmas cards, nor considered shopping for gifts for the immediate family, or even have a clue as to what the dinner menu would entail for Christmas eve because I’ve been too busy rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic for the past year, perhaps like most of us and well, here we are…near the last hours (if you will) in getting it all done.

So, here’s what’s on the agenda today. Gifts, fun ones, practical ones and hopefully one the receiver will not re-gift.

Qualifier – everyone I know is either a chef, loves to travel or is an artist of sorts – so, gifting for them will be easy from my favorite online shop.

The best gift for just about anyone

Did you know fruits should never be stored in the refrigerator?

And this – herb garden at its best.

reusable veggie bags –

the traveler at heart – a TSA approved luggage tag with scale

Lavender bedside sleep-well plant – for every woman that I know

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