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What Are You Reading Lately?

I strive to better myself in every way possible, but on occasion feel as though I am failing. This is a blessing and a curse – because I am very hard on myself and always push the envelope in achieving much more than expected, which is a curse. And yet, I feel my best when I am able to achieve the goals I have set for myself and flourish in the best way possible – blessing?

Recently though I’ve been questioning every ounce of who I am, which I think most of us do, at the end to each year, and then assess what we need to work on. In my case, much more than I though of at first, and I am not talking about losing weight, or changing up my wardrobe, I am talking about inner self, personality, character, and everything else that define me as a being.

It’s weird how that works – because without any prior research, I picked up two books which I am reading simultaneously solely based on the titles and midway through each, I realize I need to share them with you – in case, you know, you are feeling a bit like me lately or you know someone who can use the gift of books.

Fifty Things That Aren’t My Fault- by Cathy Guisewite covers in the most humerous way possible, the challenges of life for a mid-aged woman coping with growing children and caring for aging parents – among many other insecurities and defects, us women struggle with on a daily basis about many many things outside and inside our control. What I find so refreshing about this book, is that I laugh even while I want to cry thinking about just how much the topics resonate.


We all reach a cross-road in our lives at some point or another, and although some refer to it as a mid-life crisis, I do believe it is much more than that, especially for women – who don’t comfort the struggle with a brand new sports car, or a fling with a 20-year old bartender of sorts, or that someone who aspires to be someone important when he grows up. We soul-search and make more drastic changes that would either positively or negatively impact our lives for the rest of our days on this planet and I suppose I Miss You When I Blink will covers it all. I say I suppose, only because I am on chapter 4. But I have no doubt that the book will worth every page.

What are you reading lately? And why?

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