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Decor: Different Shades of Inspiration

I’ve been discussing a much needed renovation with family and friends for two homes and a condo. We started out with a wish list, and then the planning and considering actual timeline throughout 2020. The only trouble is, just when we think we have it down -as far as our vision, another option pops up online and we are back to the wish list.

As of today December 3, 2019 – this is what’s happening:

Very adulting kitchen – in the San Francisco home

The peninsula condo guest bath

Gray cabinetry instead of white originally considered for the country home past Sacramento

The San Francisco home kitchen concept – windows windows windows for the ocean views

Home office or craft room space for the country house

{featured image source and inspiration for this blog post}


  1. BrittanyElise says

    I love the idea for all the windows in the kitchen area. This makes me want to dig in my heels a bit more for our kitchen redo.

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