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Travel: Not the Same Old…

I can’t figure out in which order travel falls into my top three obsessions – which are: writing, photography, travel. OR. Travel, writing, photography. OR Photography, travel, writing.  But it’s up there and so with that said, I am again online searching for more, much more about travel. In this case, not the same old ideas (hopefully).  Enjoy your Sunday afternoon read:

Travel: Past the High Season

Enjoy your eclipse sighting – if you happen to be the fortunate few who can actually see it. Now, pas the eclipse sighting, I also realize most everyone is pre-occupied with back-to-school or sending their kids off to college or first days of pre-school. But the great part of this season, past the sentimental parents, is travel. This is the time I add the final touches to my usual September or October travels to Europe. So, if you happen to be not so busy with anything else, you might enjoy these travel topics:

Travel: Exploring Paris Past The Eiffel Tower

There are many sides to Paris I adore and what I love most is discovering something new every time I go there – which is at least once a year. For example: {featured image is copyright rawsilkandsaffron and one I took on March 12, 2017 celebrating a friend’s birthday}

Travel: Where To Go In September

I always plan my travels for September – because I feel it is a great month to experience the best of weather, the least of crowds, and the locals not as stressed with tourists as they are during the summer. With that said, here and here are two lists of some of the best places to travel in September: {featured image: Barcelona, Spain}

Travel: Interesting Finds Online – Vol 16

I love the idea of being humored, or entertained, or caught of guard with information about this or that. You know what I mean?  Like when you are searching for something relevant and stumble upon something not so relevant and then you find yourself just appreciating the details or laughing about it, or even considering what is being proposed – like these:

Boutique Hotel Pick – Belmond Hotel Splendido – Portofino, Italy

A decade ago my hubs and I embarked on a trip to Italy. One town in particular was to Genoa in hopes of finding Portofino. Instead we stumbled upon Rapallo and all other small beach towns in the area. Which wasn’t a bad thing, but I was sad that I didn’t see this beautiful waterfront setting I had first set my eyes on when I received a stack of travel brochures at the travel agency to promote. So, I vowed while at the airport waiting for my flight back to San Francisco, that I would return to Italy and find Portofino. Years later, When we decided to revisit Italy, I decided to do deep research and discovered that besides the train to Rapallo, we needed to take a bus to actually reach Portofino,  and so we did and found the gem of a place to this day I still can’t get enough of. And in honor of portofino and our wonderful walks about the small town and the best focaccia  ever, here’s a boutique hotel …

This Morning’s Focus…Italy

The city (San Francisco) is not the place to be in the summer months if you are a sun worshiper, and the fact the fog is holding steady at bay, and the weather is unpleasantly windy and cold – all of it is enough for me to shift my visual focus – to simply Italy: {Click on photos for destination information}