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Travel: A Bit of The Past

I found a few topics online, while searching for ideas for my next trip abroad, and decided if you are a history buff, or is always interested in a bit of background regarding your next destination, you might enjoy readying them:

The streets of Paris are never without people – and the worst of it is during high travel season. So it’s cool to read up on how Paris was at one point in history.

The enchanted cities hidden in theaters around the world – is one I only imagined to exist before this article

The story behind pre-fabricated homes in America – the inspiration behind the film, the Stepford Wives and is trending even today in most of American Suburbia

The story behind one of Europe’s greatest treasures being hidden in a sleep village that was never supposed to be discovered

Can you imagine being able to climb the pyramids in Egypt? It used to be the norm at the beginning of tourism

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