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Travel: Four European Scenic Road Trips Worth Your While

It is almost March and time to begin the planning for whatever trip you intend to take in 2018. That includes Spring break anywhere from March to early April, Honeymoon, Mother’s day surprise, Destination Weddings, anniversary celebration, milestone birthday – you get the picture. So for this series, let’s begin with Four European recommended road trips –   You might also enjoy this read: How To Dress Like An Italian

Travel: The Best Resorts In The U.S.

I love tourists, especially when I see them about the city (San Francisco) discovering the usual and some venturing out to the avenues to see the beaches, and hopefully a little of the city’s culture outside of the norm. I always feel like I should add my two cents when I see tourists on a street corner, with map fully opened, trying to figure out a bus route. I want to say, hey follow me to my neighborhood and try this restaurant or pub or simply take a walk through the blocks and check out the colorful homes perched along the streets. But I let them be, and only offer up advise when I am asked for direction 🙂 So, dear lovely tourist who are planning a trip to the U.S. – this article is for you – the best resorts in the U.S. for getting back to nature: For more go here

Travel: Planning for 2018

My favorite topic and hobby is travel and so I think we best start discussing the subject to plan the most ideal getaways for 2018: Here’s a list of changes to be expected: Checking in will be a thing of the past. Robots will be there to assist you instead, In Flight Wi-Fi will improve. Biometric IDs will integrate, airports will become more pleasant, international travelers will have more choices, you will talk your way onto a plane, the gap between the front of planes to the back will become greater, comparing flight pricing will become more difficult (does this mean we would rely on travel agents again?) Check out the article here

Travel: America Made

I enjoy tourists – especially the ones that arrive in San Francisco in October – because they are well-travelled enough to know October and early November is the ideal time to visit the city. The ones that make the trip across any body of water tend to plan an entire trip across the country. And then there are the locals who consider a weeks long trip to somewhere USA. For that here’s what I offer up:

Travel: Ireland In All Its Glory

A friend of mine just came back from Ireland, and based on all the photos she posted through the usual means – Instagram, Facebook, I couldn’t help myself but hit like on her posts. So in honor of my friend and her husband taking their first trip together abroad and enjoying every bit of it, I share with you an article on my favorite Conde Nast Traveller magazine about the most beautiful places in this fair country of Ireland to jump kick your Monday or to heighten your wanderlust: And by the way, if you can’t take a trip just now, then consider seeing Leap Year available on Netflix right now to get you by. Have a good Monday everyone.

Travel: All About The Canary Islands, Spain

Right about now, while freezing in San Francisco, I crave tropical. And naturally begin  my typical research for somewhere to escape. Recently, well, maybe a month or so ago, I saw a film   on Netflix that was not only entertaining and funny, but it was  filmed in the Canary Islands.  Somewhere I’d never been before. I love when a movie delights me – in terms of decor and location.  The last time I was this intrigued was when I saw ONLY YOU with Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. which was filmed in when it was filmed all throughout Italy. Anyway, so because of the film, I did some digging for tourist information and without any more babbling, here are some facts – just in case you are looking for that perfect Honeymoon or anniversary celebration destination:   High Season (Dec–Apr & Jul–Aug) Coincides with Christmas, carnival season and Easter Accommodation prices are highest in January and February Mid-summer is holiday time on the Spanish mainland, so expect more tourists July and August are the …

Travel: Planning Stages Have Officially Begun

I can’t believe it’s already Spring break and thoughts of graduation, weddings, and family vacations are in full swing. Now, although I did all my traveling in the month of March this year, I still yearn for another trip late September or early October. One of the biggest concern when I was in England was the effects Britexit would have on travelers, even the issues in the US were a concern to those abroad considering coming to America for their holidays. Although I listened to the news, read reports and discussed such concerns over coffee and dinner with those I met up with in Europe, I decided not to allow of it to discourage me – about traveling anyway. But just in case you are having these sort of discussions in your households, and/or having trouble pinpointing where to go, then perhaps these articles I’ve found here and there could help. If not, then pass them on to someone who it can:

Travel: Past The Season

I love traveling off-season, and have been planning my trips abroad around the crazy madness of summer travel.  Where instead of relaxing and enjoying yourself on vacation, you are more stressed out by the overwhelming crowds, packed restaurants, museums and whatnot. To me that’s not vacation. So if you happen to be those considering a trip right about now somewhere – say Europe – and thrive on too-much-good-information of sorts, then…. {Greece photo credit}

Interesting Finds Online – Vol 10

Finally made it to the country for a few days, where I was shocked to see the moon, the first night. It’s funny how we take things for granted until it isn’t there anymore. In my case, due to the crazy heavy fog in San Francisco, I haven’t seen the moon since early May.  So you can imagine my amazement when I lay in bed Wednesday night and saw the moon shining across my room. Besides that fact, during the very hot hours in the day in this neck of the woods where it’s not smart to be outdoors, I got online (of course) and found these interesting topics: