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Boutique Hotel Pick – Heckfield Place – Hampshire, England

And here is where I wish to stay for a week or so – to simply daydream away – and nothing more… Where there are gardens to explores,  a spa day to be planned, decor to be admired and cuisine to be tried, this would be the best thing for me, I just know it                                                                                                                                                       {source here, and here}

Travel: Where To Go In April Past Paris

You know, in January I always tell myself – to take a break from travel and simply enjoy the finer things at home. After all I live in an amazing city and there is much to see and do here – errr, within 100 miles or so. But February rolls around, and I get that itch to travel, so I opt for a weekend getaway and as soon as its March, I am full on planning – and wishing – and planning a trip. Disclaimer: If your passport is about to expire, like mine, be sure to check the rules of travel here, so you don’t get turned away at customs for not having the proper passport expiry requirements for that specific country. Now, although I pretty much know where it is I want to go for a week or two before the madness of  high-season travel begins, I still refer to a list of suggestions here – you know, in case I’ve missed something. Where would you go in the Spring?  {source}  

Travel: Romantic Destinations in The U.S.

In line with this week’s theme – oh you know – Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share the most romantic places to visit in the U.S.  – although these places are something to experience whenever you embark on a romantic long-weekend getaway (for the locals) or for those coming from abroad, and want a bit of adventure.  Here’s my picks and for the rest you can go here: {Inspiration or source for this topic}    

Travel: Is The Most Interesting Of Topics

At least to me. I decided to start the new year talking travel – my favorite subject and something I wish I can do the entire year.  So, without much delay, here are the top travel destinations for January – or February – if you decide you need a week or two off to recover from all the holiday stress, or planning a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day or simply getting married and need a wintertime  honeymoon destination.

Travel: From Affordable Luxury Vacations to UberBOAT Island hopping

As I stated earlier this week, we are coming to the best travel months of any year – you know, past the summer rush with college students and lots of families and group travelers crowding every city or town, most anywhere in the world. Driving the prices for accommodations to high season rates, and the locals to grow inpatient with all the chaos. I do my best to stay away the summer months and plan my trips in early Spring or Fall. For this very reason – I have decided to share some interesting suggestions for those of you planning to vacation like me – semi-off-season, or what I like to call ‘adult vacationing’

Travel: Luxury Airbnb Envy

I have yet to experience an Airbnb during my travels. Meaning to clarify, since my travel planning days, I opt for different hotels to spend my time, so that I can provide an honest review about accommodations to my former clients, and friends and family. But this list of luxury Airbnb options got me thinking about the milestone birthday celebration I am planning for myself in 2020. Naturally, there is a more budget-friend option out there as well to consider these vacation/holiday rentals.

Boutique Hotel Pick – Hotel Tresanton – Cornwall, England

I fell in-love with Cornwall, From St. Ives to Truro – the Coastal towns making up all of Cornwall in the United Kingdom took my breath away and my mind wandering off to happy thoughts and I managed to temporarily forget all my worries at home. This region of England is a gem I think and not so easy to get to if – driving on the wrong side of the road – has you cringing. But, when there is a will there is a way I say – so carry on and make your plans to visit coastal Cornwall – starting right here:

Travel: A Need For A Quiet Week or Two

I can’t believe it’s already April and Easter has passed. Soon everyone will be busy with Mother’s day or graduations and weddings and well, we all know the rest. And I realized last night while wide awake, tossing and turning, that I need a break. From life, and all things real and simply go somewhere quiet and simply exist. I mean have you seen the film A Good Year?  If so you will understand. If not, please rent it, stream it and see what I am talking about. With that said, I am longing for two weeks in this amazing little cottage in France with all the necessary amenities and some left out – which is perfectly fine with me.