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Travel: Past The Season

I love traveling off-season, and have been planning my trips abroad around the crazy madness of summer travel.  Where instead of relaxing and enjoying yourself on vacation, you are more stressed out by the overwhelming crowds, packed restaurants, museums and whatnot. To me that’s not vacation.

So if you happen to be those considering a trip right about now somewhere – say Europe – and thrive on too-much-good-information of sorts, then….


Sale around the island of Capri as one of 50 things to do in Europe before you die


Learn about the 12 secrets of Regent Street – One of my favorite places in London – I didn’t know it was curved for a reason.


Curious about Bosnia, then consider this newly popular destination


plan a trip to find your retirement retreat. This one is in Portugal and on my list of places I would retire


A visit to a Europe travel site might help guide or inspire you for that trip you want to take but just can’t put your finger on as to where.

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