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Travel: Beaches in Croatia

I have done a lot of travel in my life, but never to Croatia and since recently I am searching for a less stressful travel – less sightseeing and more beach time, so I have pinned Croatia to be the next R&R destination:

Boutique Hotel Pick – La Reserve Geneva Hotel, Switzerland

I fell in love with Switzerland – two years ago, when I took a trip via train across the country for about two weeks in October. I think that was one of my favorite trips abroad. This morning as I stepped out of the commuter train; I noticed SWISS AIR ads all throughout the station – which took me back to the wonderful country I was fortunate enough to experience with its many natural wonders and health-oriented philosophy. So, with Switzerland in mind, I decided to share my latest boutique hotel pick for Geneva. Suites and Rooms Indoor and Outdoor Pools Spa and More To Indoor and Outdoor Dinning And if you are passing through Geneva, here’s a list of the best restaurants for 2019 

This Morning’s Focus…Italy

The city (San Francisco) is not the place to be in the summer months if you are a sun worshiper, and the fact the fog is holding steady at bay, and the weather is unpleasantly windy and cold – all of it is enough for me to shift my visual focus – to simply Italy: {Click on photos for destination information}

Travel: A List of Island Destinations To Add To My List

When it comes to travel my bucket list seems to be growing – every time I come across one of these articles: One of 74 islands in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays are without a doubt one of the most beautiful of them all, if not in the world. This Italian slice of island heaven has everything going for it; surrounded by clear blue waters, a stunning cliff coastline, and white-sand beaches, Ponza has been the nation’s well-kept secret for far too long. If you’re looking for breathtaking beaches and setting foot on gorgeous white sand, then Fernando de Noronha in the South Atlantic Ocean is your next holiday destination. If you really want to spoil yourself, then head straight to the middle of the Caribbean to Saint Barthélemy. This archipelagic province of the Philippines boasts turquoise waters, hidden coves and coastal hideaways, limestone caverns to be explored, and a five-mile-long underground river. Take in the natural splendor of this island nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of …

Boutique Hotel Pick – Villa Pliniana – Lake Como, Italy

One of my favorite places on earth is Lake Como. The hubs and I, or maybe me mostly, have expressed a desire to move there and live out the rest of our lives… Well, although there is a sense of uncertainty with my life right now, that dream still holds true. I am hopeful I can turn it into a reality one day. But until then I crave a week or more right here:  

Travel: Past The Season

I love traveling off-season, and have been planning my trips abroad around the crazy madness of summer travel.  Where instead of relaxing and enjoying yourself on vacation, you are more stressed out by the overwhelming crowds, packed restaurants, museums and whatnot. To me that’s not vacation. So if you happen to be those considering a trip right about now somewhere – say Europe – and thrive on too-much-good-information of sorts, then…. {Greece photo credit}