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Culture: Some Things Are Good To Know

Old news, or made up news are daunting on any given day and more so on a Sunday. But a read about trivia may actually expand your horizons and aid in wonderful ‘over drinks’ conversation.

For instance, here’s an explanation for why the French always say no. Although that’s happened across most of Europe to me – as well as conversations with most banks in the U.S. – NO is the start to any request.

Old world medicine – also combined with incense in old church services – is interesting of most topics – but did you know about frankincense?

a hidden world beneath a Trattoria in Italy and elsewhere in the ancient world – I have seen in my travels

A friend brought this bit of detail to my attention years ago, about his parents making an annual trip to Slovenia – and now I understand why

Underwater wine cellar? What

{featured image source}

What’s got you intrigued?

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