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Culture: Some Things Are Good To Know

Old news, or made up news are daunting on any given day and more so on a Sunday. But a read about trivia may actually expand your horizons and aid in wonderful ‘over drinks’ conversation. {featured image source} What’s got you intrigued?

french films – and why i love them

I wrote a piece about French films here and it was one of the most viewed entries I’ve had in the history of my movie blog. I had no idea so many people are interested in French films, or perhaps I am a little out of touch. But I have to say I do watch French films, almost nightly, appreciating them in a ‘French’ sort of way :). Here’s one I recommend for those unfamiliar with French films – Mood Indigo. Although corky, the film is truly wonderful, amazing cinematography, great actors and everything French just as I like it. Read this article also, if you want to explore more films. Then let me know what you think.