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Some Thoughts For The Weekend

This week flew by quickly, I guess because my calendar was packed with some positives which left me feeling more accomplished than stressed over what I didn’t get done. I love it when that happens, and I wish I can make that happen every week. In fact, that is the plan – to acknowledge my accomplishments so that I can feel less anxious. To-do lists help, just in case you are wondering.

But even still, there are lots that go through my mind on a constant basis, and some topics are worth a mention here to see if you wish to share you opinion on any of them. For instance…

In listening to a boss berate an employee the other day at the office, I couldn’t help but feel the need to hand him a how-do book or refer him to a website which might help his style or approach. In case you are curious, read on

What would you do if you ran into an ex that meant the world to you – but for some reason, the feeling wasn’t mutual? 

What are you secretly good at? I mean, where you keep it bottled up or no one really notices it.

Which actors do you feel had the best on-screen chemistry and in which film? 

Do you ever wonder how a grandmother feels about becoming one

When your adult child doesn’t clean up after him or herself. 

I would love to hear from you, but you’d rather be sailing then ponder over these topics, by all means do, and have a lovely weekend!

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