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Culture: Some Things Are Good To Know

Old news, or made up news are daunting on any given day and more so on a Sunday. But a read about trivia may actually expand your horizons and aid in wonderful ‘over drinks’ conversation. {featured image source} What’s got you intrigued?

Sunday Edition – Myth, Facts, and Art

After graduating college, I gladly accepted a free one year subscription to The Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker offered to graduates from the alumni association.  I would thumb through both journals while commuting into work, and later in the day discussed a  few articles with friends over lunch and family – the articles usually written months in advance.  Lots has changed since then, and the variety of approaches to the same topics, is now available to us in real-time. So, with that said, I found the following topics most worthy of indulging and of course sharing and really would love your opinion or take on any of them, no pressure, just a fun interaction would be appreciated. {featured image source}