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A Year In Review From This Blogger – 2015

Another year has gone by. And we are all right back where we started. Setting new year resolutions we wish to achieve. Losing weight in America always a priority, possibly getting a better job, or finding that special someone, or even leaving the one you are with, hoping to find happiness in the most unusual ways. And then there are weddings to attend, babies to be had, and unfortunately loved ones to lose – all of them realities of life.

Coping, and finding solutions is the best way to move past the unforeseen. Planning and being organized is the way to deal with the known. Saving ahead and strategizing is surely helpful when seeking a new career. And as for love, relationships or marriage, that is something that requires nurturing, compassion, and determination to make it happen and to keep it lasting.

These are a few things I plan to keep in mind well into 2016.

In the meantime, I want to share with you my 2015 :


January: Started the year with healthy eating


February: Saint James Hotel in Paris got me planning a trip to Europe


March: Fashion from Emerson Fry Got Me Thinking about adding San Francisco fashion to my blog portfolio


April: By this point I felt more comfortable to share my travel experiences


May: I traveled to Portugal, Spain, France to promote my books: Piazza Navona and Nob Hill. Finding myself falling in-love with Lisbon and Porto


June: Rooftop restaurants I adore – Globally that is


July: I craved a burger or two or three, adding the protein back into my life – in moderation of course


August: Full force wedding plan for a dear loved one – who got married in Oct 2015. Cake tasting was my favorite part of the whole process – I hate to admit 🙂


September: Gathered A Fall season bucket list – to do after the wedding


October: Travel Photography I wish I could Duplicate – considering just then buying a idiot proof camera.


November: I figured I needed a festival of lights to keep my spirits high after a friend of mine took his own life weeks after the Paris attack. Not a good month I have to admit

full-moon-at-christmas-main (1)

December: Full moon for the first time in years on Christmas eve, and I got to see it glistening above the Ocean in San Francisco, an image too difficult to capture. The experience making me appreciate how wonderful life really is… no matter the shortcomings.

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