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a day in lisbon, portugal

On our last day, I figured we would see the city, the old-fashioned tourist way.  We left our hotel at 9:00 and walked over to a smoke shop to buy a day pass for the public transport.

First train – 15 to Belem – a waterfront town if you will, with an impressive monastery, a monumental discoveries monument, and an impressive forte, several museums housing everything from archeology  to coaches – all worth exploring, and pondering over.  We spent a few hours sightseeing, snapping photographs and learning all about some of Portugal’s history, and yes they do have a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge even though in my opinion its a mixture of the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.

{pointers: If the 15 isn’t working for some strange reason such as the one we experienced, a head on collision with a car, take the 728 bus which runs the same route and gets you there faster I almost feel. Avoid temptation by going into McDonalds. Instead eat Honorato Burger Artisian, afterwards have the best of pastries CUSTARD CAKE from Pasties de Belem}

Cable car 28 – near the main Lisbon square. We opted to take a ride on the 28, hearing that it is the best way to get a quick tour for your buck (a.k.a. day pass). It was true. It was the best and most unique way to city the Lisbon past the main square. We went uphill, and down, zooming and I mean zooming through the winding and narrow cobblestone roads, where one can practically touch the buildings from the cable car windows had the driver been going a reasonable speed. It was well worth it. We stayed on from one end of town, back to the square and to the other side, until we were told to get out, and line up again to take the cable car back down to the square. The entire trip lasted over an hour, in my opinion, the longest roller coaster ride imaginable.

Trolly or Tram – last stop for the evening was a Tram tucked in an alley near the Rossio train station, ask someone if you can’t find it. Anyway, the Tram took us up the side of a steep hill, where upon landing, you have the most magnificent views of Lisbon, which is always best when the wind isn’t blowing at 35MPH, making it very difficult to enjoy the panorama.


Next stop Madrid Spain

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