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Cocktails, Board Games and Comfy Sweats

This year we’ve decided to stay home for New Year’s Eve. Actually, let me re-state. We will drive up to near Tahoe and stay indoors with family and friends. Mostly in our sweats, experimenting with a variety of drinks each one of us were asked to make this year for the group. Board games a must, trying to stay away from all things electronic as much as possible. (Let’s see if it will work) The part about staying off our smart-phones.

Anyway, I found a list of drinks I’d like to make and just in case you are planning the same sort of celebration, mostly welcoming the new year within the comfort of your own home – then feel free to explore these and many more options:


crimson-cocktail caught my eye – since I love red colored drinks.


jacks grand ball – for the love of Jack Daniel Tenessee honey. I think we have a winner here. Since I am leaning more to this one


B52 – Bailey’s, Gran Marnier, Kahlua – surely the best cuddled in front of the fire place


deauville cocktail – my backup plan – brandy applejack and triple sec


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