Fall Bucket List – Some of Which I do

I love Fall, it’s become my favorite season nearly seven years ago, followed by Spring, then Summer,  and finally Winter.  Fall in San Francisco, and the greater bay area is a beautiful time of year. The weather  is really perfect, warm mostly, with hints of cold in the early morning and late evenings. The sunsets with fiery skies are the most memorable no matter what part of town you are.  Even foggy days feel right in the fall.

There is so much to do during this season,  some of which (my favorites) I’ve included below, from a list detailing 35 things for Fall bucket list we should think about.

Spending a day picking apples I will be doing
Leaving your windows cracked to let the fresh air in – which I do anyway all year round.
Take a drive to see the foliage, which this year may be tough for us in California because of the drought.
I do love to knit. Used to as a hobby in my teens. I may just tackle it again this year
Find a fall festival to attend – Which I do every year
Include pumpkin in your favorite soup – which I can’t wait to do when the weather gets a bit colder here
Visit unique candle shops and stock up – I have already begun the process.
Cook with squash – Fall best vegetable
Escape to a B&B somewhere for a romantic weekend


I have included a map of Autumn Foliage for the U.S and it is true November is the month for California to see some of the Autumn foliage.


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