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in search of fall colors in san francisco

One of my favorite activities is walking. Of course I do it mostly for exercise but when I am walking in a more leisurely pace, it is so I can just take in the outdoors.

Fall is especially a wonderful time to take a leisurely walk, because if you happen to live in a city where the leaves turn color, it is probably one of the most rewarding walks you will experience (at least for me).  However, in San Francisco we are not fortunate enough to experience the fall colors because, outside of the parks, we are mostly treeless and the type of trees we do have, they do not change colors.

When I worked at Stanford University six years ago, I had the pleasure of walking the campus every morning before work and in the Fall, I was able to enjoy the colors while I shuffled through the fallen leaves.  As a matter of fact, there are benches strategically placed along tree-lined pathways and if you are bold enough to sit on one of them on a brisk Fall morning, you can actually hear the leaves break from the trees and fall unto the ground.  I really miss that.

So, until I can take a trip outside of the city in search of the Fall colors, I have included some photos for my viewing pleasure. Also, if you are a local, please let me know of any place “in your neck of the woods” I can go  to experience the Fall colors.


  1. maurico says

    There are a few places within the Golden Gate park that you can experience fall at its fullest. The botanical park and the Japanese Tea Garden are a couple that come to mind right now.

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