Acting, Pray and Love
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what makes julia roberts marketable?

As I stated before, we all have a favorite celebrity role model, whether we admit it or not. I at least admit it more so than my circle of female acquaintances and speak of them often. What I do want to state is that there is not just one female celebrity I admire but many, for different types of reasons.

One female celebrity I admire is of course Julia Roberts. But it wasn’t until my flight back home from France this week, when I actually was thinking about her and wondering why or what is it about her that I admire to the extend I consider her a good role model.  I mean she is a woman over 40 and a celebrity who in my opinion doesn’t really get out of her way to look spectacular. She has a simple look, a huge mouth and of course ALOT of hair but she still looks ordinary and very unrelatable to. Come to think of it, none of the movies she made thus far is anything I relate to, not even Pretty Woman and I haven’t yet seen Eat, Pray and Love to judge otherwise (Only because I was away from the U.S.). But I still pick up the magazine with her photo on the cover and continue to see every movie she makes no matter how good or bad the outcome.

So I suppose it comes down to,  her quiet lifestyle out of the limelight, which I totally appreciate. Her ability to stay true to her looks no matter how her career dictates otherwise. Her simple acting techniques which are versatile enough to showcase in any film she makes and the most I appreciate about her is her ability to make you smile no matter what comes out of her mouth.

No matter how huge of an actor she is right now, I think in time, Julia Roberts will become our generation’s Meryl Streep.

Footnote: The best performance in my opinion was in Ocean’s 12, when she had to pretend to be Julia Roberts to bail the Ocean’s 13 guys out of a bind.

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