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celebrity endorsed perfumes

Lately just about any celebrity, but Chelsea Handler has endorsed a perfume, and their strangely named bottles  are popping up in department stores everywhere, almost on a monthly basis it seems. Yet when I visit the perfume counter and spray a drop or two on my wrist to sample their creation, they all seem to smell similar and feel as if they are  an extension or a replica of another scent from years gone by.

I don’t really understand the concept of celebrity endorsed perfumes or colognes, even past the marketing ploy. I mean, if I am in the market for a perfume, believe me I will wear what I feel works for me, I don’t really need a celebrity name attached to my choice of perfume to be convinced to buy it. And if someone is trying to convince me that Celine Dion, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Gwenyth Palthrow and Jennifer Lopez wear the perfumes they are endorsing, well I have news for the believers. I hardly think they do so past the marketing and promoting stage.

So, why do perfume purveyors or marketing gurus for the perfume industry feel the need to continue to attach a celebrity to (possibly) a re-bottled, re-packaged, re-named, and recycled perfume (past the obvious) and why does it still work for the industry?

I would love to hear from anyone with some input on this topic, just so I understand if I am missing something.


  1. Chucky says

    Because like in the USA and just about other country today, people have become followers, they read the same magazines, they see the same pictures in the news, hear same stories, talk about the same things that they’re shown and taught everyday and everywhere, so it easy for them to “relate” to these caracthers or poeple because of their fame and to even think that they can “feel” closer to them buying these perfumes or whatever else they attach their names to it, also it’s easier for the people that sells these products (from perfumes, clothes to even funeral caskets) because the “market” (the general public) can recognize these names already because after all they’re brand names nowadays; so it’s a win-win situation from that (twisted) point of view.

  2. Mauricio says

    If you ask me, I buy any given product on what that product will do for me not who is endorsing it, in fact sometimes, depending on who is endorsing the product, I may stay away from it. So “marketing gurus” take note, sometimes some endorsers turn people off especially in the over 40 crowd.

  3. Mauricio says

    It’s actualy worked opposite on me. On a couple of circumstances I have NOT bought a product because of the person endorsing it. But I also think the the massess (most of the younger crowd) are followers or perhaps buckle under peer preasure. Not with the over 40 crowd, right?

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