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Decor: Is The Theme for 2021

I was on a work call the other day, where one of the participants sat at her desk in a room I could have sworn was somewhere in Paris. But it wasn’t she said, it was her tiny apartment which she turned into a Parisian artists loft tucked somewhere near Sacré-Cœur. You know the ones in the attic, with large windows and open space filled with canvas, paint brushes, and whatever artists collect to create an inspirational space.

Secretly I knew she and I would be great friends.

Yesterday I took a much needed day off from work and just drove around a bit in the rain trying to figure out if it is worth my effort to plan out 2021, like I normally do each year, or simply let the new norm restrictions guide the course so not to feel as disappointed.

I returned home, thinking perhaps I should embark on all the home renovation projects I had been pondering over in 2020: such as designing an actual garden for the backyard, updating the kitchen, repainting the interior, change all the windows, and even turn a corner of the garage into a dedicated laundry room. Maybe that’s what 2021 should be all about.

In line with the aim of renovating, here’s the suggested colors for 2021 to consider – and here I thought white would be best
High style accessories – I actually adore some of them
For the love of this kitchen – again not so white as I imagined I’d be going with

I am pausing here to share this wonderfully innovative site one click led to another

Yes please – this one – perfect design for the 1930s house I call my home

This article sparked my interest – how homes will change post-Covid – I wonder if it will or folks are eager to go back to the way things were?

Do you have a home gym? Or like me walking is your best exercise?

{Topic inspiration source and full credit here}

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