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As The Reality Show Unfolds…

The world watches what appears to be a hit television reality show in America – where during these modern times, we continue to be ill prepared…unless there are notions of smoke and mirrors. Which by day 5 or 6 – I can’t keep count anymore – it is becoming more apparent, that something isn’t the way it should really be.

What concerns me the most is that I asked a dozen or more individuals if they would rather see a sheep in wolves clothing, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing as the future leader of this country, and the unanimous answer without hesitation was – ‘hate both, but I rather by led by the one in sheep’s clothing’.

Which gives you perspective.

I do worry though, once the final-not-so-final-legal-not-so-legal-made-up-not-made-up-bought votes are counted, and recounted, behind closed doors, through glass doors, and everything in between (for years in the works) leaning towards the wolf in sheep’s clothing, what this country will be like, when in a few months, the ‘newly elected man of power, as scripted, steps aside to make way for a very historical moment in the Not-so-united states of America, where unfortunately after ‘the stars, spangled banner‘ she’ll realize that what she really signed up for is merely to be the branding for the ego gratifying beings behind closed doors truly in power, not necessarily working for the good of the nation.

I could be wrong… but somehow I doubt it.

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