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England Travel Continues

One of the things I miss the most while on the road, is making a home cooked meal. Even though that’s the case,  I still am intrigued by the many helpful hints or suggestions for cooking and recipes.

There is nothing better tasting then pan-grilled flat bread or Eh-hum, thank you very much, Armenian lavash and this suggestion is one I never considered.

Considering the amount of carb I’ve eaten over the holidays and continue to do so throughout January, while travelling, I have committed to incorporating many salads as the main course from February onward. Here’s 41 options to consider if you are on the same path as myself 🙂

When in England, I can’t seem to get enough of lemon cake, and I order a slice everywhere I go. Here’s a recipe I will be trying when I get back to San Francisco

How to blanch vegetables is the topic of this article – something I’ve been curious about since every meal at home consists of a side of veggies

I’ve never considered a slow cooker, since I prepare quick meals which take up less then 30 minutes or so and also because I prefer old-fashioned cooking. It’s my therapy after a long day. But I’ve been considering the alternative or maybe trying these amazing recipes

Do you have cooking secrets you wish to share? Are you more of a traditional cook or one who prefers a slow-cooker

{featured image – recipe to the lemoniest roast chicken}

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