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Decor: Trends To Consider in 2020

Although I follow my own taste when it comes to decorating by adding the old and the new, I still consider the shifting trends put in place for each year, to gauge just where the industry is headed. For example:

For 2020 – Grey on grey is a thing of the past and warmer tones and richer palettes are in

Layering the old and the new is in – which is a concept I absolutely love – and feel should be the trend every year.

Dark painted doors on in – and perfection is out

This one is a shocker but completely understandable – the more the world becomes colder and darker, the more mankind searches for warmth and security and the industrial design is making its way out apparently

Open shelving is out – to maintain the look of a tidier kitchen

bold black and white – which is something I’ve sorta developed a love-love relationship with

Faux marble is in – instead of the old cold slab of concrete counter tops

all white and subway tiled kitchens are becoming a thing of the past


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