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Five Interesting Things For This Friday

I didn’t realize it was Friday today, until I needed to do a task for work that was slotted for Friday reporting. How time flies. We are mid-October and the holiday season is much closer than we are probably ready for.

But today is for a few interesting topics I want to share  – to help get you through your Friday and into a hopefully fun and exciting weekend:

I’ve been lagging in the reading department for the past couple of months – but very excited to report that I will be reading the The DUTCH HOUSE – next and naturally there are other book recommends here which I take very seriously from this site to read and share.

The power of daydreaming – is one I welcome to feed and flourish my creativity

pairing candy and wine – is an interesting suggestion here, but I prefer the wine over the candy or candy without wine. Nevertheless, here’s the list of suggestions

Private Villas to admire from around the world

The most beautiful floral photography or ideas for bouquets

And I know I said five interesting things – but this is a bonus share – Potatoes are my weakness in chips, roasted and mashed, I never say no to potatoes, so here’s a recipe that looks delightful and easy to make – perhaps for a holiday dinner?

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