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Afraid They Just Might Find Out?

My entire life, I walk this earth, displaying a strong persona – someone who can handle most anything and everything, as long as I am able to trouble-shoot and handle all that comes my way. This has been my motto, and my advise to everyone in my life.

Recently though, I’ve struggled with keeping up appearances, in that I am beginning to feel overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities and what is expected of me from members of my family. The funny thing is, everyone always apologizes for adding to my already stressful life, but yet, it still happens, and I am right there to help, even at the expense of my exhaustion.

Just so you have a clear understanding…usually around this time of the year, in between end of summer to the beginning of fall, I often feel out of whack, and end up doing and saying things not usually the norm for me-not sure why that is, but I wonder if you have experienced such mood changes during this time of the year? I mean, I will be fine come middle of October, but until then, I struggle with staying balanced.

This past weekend, I’ve had a few members of my family call me out on my strange behaviors and that got me thinking – that perhaps, it’s best  I recluse, and do much reflecting and focus only on the positive things – like writing, drawing, photography and funny films to help reset my otherwise sluggish mood before anyone finds out that I am not as resilient…

What is something you are afraid people might find out about you? 

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