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Happy Anniversary Among Other Things

On Thursday I left work very excited about a few plans I made for the weekend. Friday morning tennis, and a Saturday walk across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito from my house by Ocean Beach, lunch and then ferry back to the city to the train back to my neighborhood. Sunday and Monday were dedicated to the Spring cleaning project I had embarked on the weekend before. Friday I woke up with a backache, and decided it wasn’t going to stop me from playing tennis. So, after a power breakfast, I met up with a friend at an outdoor tennis court in my neighborhood. We played, for two hours more because we were grateful the weather had cooperated – considering the weirdest storms we were having all of last week. I felt great at the end of the match, so we decided to do lunch. The second I sat down at the table, I felt dizzy but figured I was just hungry. But when the food arrived, I couldn’t eat, instead I felt as if I were having an out of body experience – very light headed. We chalked it up to the two-hour tennis for someone (me) who hadn’t been playing since last November.

But the worst was yet to come – Friday night I went to bed as usual but when I woke up Saturday, the room was spinning and I could not for the life of me get out of bed. But the urge to throw up forced me to stumbled my way to the bathroom. I knew right away it was vertigo, since the similar symptoms to one I had in 2012. I grabbed a Sea Band Acupressure Wrist Bands I purchased a while back for travel related nausea and put them on to calm the world from spinning out of control and then my dog got sick – the worst of a stomach virus – and by Sunday morning I was at a crossroad – to take myself to the emergency or my dog. I chose to take my dog for I couldn’t see my world without him…

Sorry for the somber start to this short week. But in case you are wondering – the band is helping enough, but I am headed to my primary care today and my dog is doing okay.

On to more interesting topics:

I signed on to my blog host this morning and was excited to read this notification. My, how time flies. I remember the exact moment I began the journey to blog  and I must say I have no regrets. Well, maybe just one…


Interesting new Netflix original series I began watching -and all for the wrong reasons – the title of the show, and the fact it is filmed in San Francisco or maybe a studio with the San Francisco backdrop. I was intrigued but not yet committed to see it threw.  Maybe one or two more episodes.  Side note: Can’t figure out if Renée Zellweger is a villain or a savor – but I like her character in the show.

The wanderlust has kicked in – even through the vertigo and the French Riviera is on my mind. Read this topic of interest if you are feeling the same

I’d certainly play tennis here – and stay for a while in this lovely chateau hotel

And last, are you as upset about GOT as the rest of the world? Me, not so much – I actually laughed – because I made a mental note in Season 1, monitored the character throughout, predicted who in season 7 and by Episode 2 of Season 8 – I hardly had any doubts. And after listening to everyone around me express their frustration because of how story panned out – I have to remind everyone that this is art and only the artist can shape his/her (story in this case) as they best see it. We are merely spectators and either should give the creators (artists) credit for their artistic expression,  or simply move on.   Thanks for the ride GOT. 

Disclaimer: I apologize if my writing doesn’t make sense this morning – as I am working through vertigo.

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