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Travel: Articles of Interest – Vol 16

When I played travel agent in a past career, I found myself researching so much about what I was selling or promoting to student travelers from across the globe, studying abroad – in this case the U.S. – and needing ideas for travel in between their studies. I miss that job immensely and to this day I find myself still aiming to understand and discover the world in travel.

Here’s what I found interesting enough to share this morning –

If you are a foodie, and love middle eastern cuisine – then learning about how a handful of chefs are reinventing the Palestinian cuisine – which is similar to most middle eastern cuisine with regional inspired flavors

Did the Romans really reach Scotland in their quest to expand the Roman Empire ?

“French Basque Country has its own micro-currency – and it’s hitting the big time. Now other European communities are hoping to replicate its success.’ reads this article

Here’s a gander at the international tipping guide you might find useful

Maldives anyone? Villa comes with its own body of water

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