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Recap and a Brioche Bread Recipe

I realized while pacing the airport waiting for a flight to board, that I haven’t added my two or three cents here for your reading pleasure or boredom – depending on your mood while scrolling through the madness otherwise known as the web and stumbling upon my blog. But truth be told, I was also being mindful of the black Friday extending to the weekend after Thanksgiving and cyber Monday shopping frenzy we are conditioned to embark upon – in the U.S.

So, now on Wednesday, I am hopeful you have survived the Turkey feast, the family in town or otherwise, the Friendsgiving, and doorbuster shopping you may have done over the long weekend. I actually spent a soft (stress-free) thanksgiving with one of my favorite gals –  a last-minute shifting gears from the normal meal planned at home. I simply got in the car, drove down south and spend a few days in a pretty mellow environment – away from the ash and smoke-filled skies over the bay area. Although the day I left, it rained enough to clear up the toxic overcast.  What I loved about my unplanned trip was being able to see the clear skies and the full moon, and breathe in the cleaner air than the one that got me seriously ill.  Which got me thinking I need to invest in a solid mask – since in recent years, fires and bad air quality are becoming the norm in our neck of the woods.

On the drive back on Sunday, refreshed and able to breathe with no struggles, I realized just how much we take our planet for granted.  I began, while zooming along the highway, to thank the universe, and the gods above for the miracle of this amazing planet we are fortunate enough to experience. And apologized for the damages we have and continue to cause this sacred celestial body.

On Friday my gal-pal and I decided to bake. Well, she decided to bake with gluten-free flour and such and it didn’t quite come out as well as we assumed it would. Much tweaking and experimenting with the suggested recipe is still needed on our part or hers to create an edible baked goods.

In the meantime,  this brioche bread recipe is on my radar – and once I get my grams to ounces conversion in gear, I will bake the bread for a get-together this coming weekend – where I am thinking of making three or four soups from scratch to feast upon. And yes, brioche bread works – with or without raisin. This is all providing there are no surprises in store shifting our attention (to be continued…)

  • 10 g of fresh brewer’s yeast
  • 250 ml of warm water
  • 300 g of whole farro flour   *** or in my case, plain baking flour
  • 200 g of farro flour
  • 50 g of acacia honey
  • 50 g of butter softened
  • 60 g of raisins
  • Zest of 1 organic orange
  • 10 g of salt
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar {more}



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