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start to a new week

First week of 2015, and I’ve already got a full calendar. Our company/ San Francisco office is going to be remodeled in the next three months and so we have to pack away the old and prepare for the overhaul, moving around offices and cubicles in stages until each section of the floor is updated. It’s exciting in a way to see what the plan is, which until now has been kept a secret, and although I love where I currently sit, with western views of San Francisco, I am happy to see the new spot I will be moving to.


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In the middle of the work chaos, I have to take a road trip to help a friend move across the country. This bit I am looking forward to, as I get a chance to see new places travelling by automobile, and be able to capture some interesting photographs and stories to share.


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And finally, I am excited that book three is going through a final edit, and has lots to do with Scotland. The only trouble I’m having is finding just the right title. This past weekend we had a chance to do a photo shoot for the cover. I can’t wait to see the end result once I find the title.


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