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Decor: A Creative Approach To The Norm

Throughout England, I had become accustomed to see the brick homes perched along the blocks or even the countryside, with a simple twist to the old architecture – such as adding a solarium or perhaps even a pop of color for the shutters and the front door. Not much more than that – unless of course you venture out to the countryside and see a row of pre-fabricated, mindful to the style of homes throughout England, in a newer community that’s been developed. But this wonderful ‘work of art‘ (literally) caught my attention last night on Dwell, and I needed to share. You know, considering I am an artists of all sorts – dabbling in writing, illustration, and photography. So you can imagine what I would take from this design:

Architecture: The Heart and Soul of Abandoned Buildings

As I walk by an abandoned building in San Francisco, I feel a sense of sadness that someone thought it was good to simply walk away and leave the structure in shambles. I literally find myself apologizing and wishing I could get the place restored to its old glory and do something useful with it. In light of this sad blog entry, I share with you some of the most beautiful abandoned buildings detailed by Architecture Digest here: