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working through stress and being upset


Ooccasionally, while thumbing through beautiful things that make me feel amazing and blogging about it, I find that, I need to touch up on every day realities, which are often times swept under the rug.

Two of the most concerning issues for all women are stress and being upset. Mind you there are other issues, but if think about it, they all stem from being stressed and therefore becoming upset.

Recently, I’ve had several medical scares, which have literally  shocked the living daylights out of me. I mean, I feel I am in control and can manage most anything life throws at me. But apparently, although my mind can, my body can’t. Hence, stress and often times being upset over the fact.

To help myself work through the stress, I’ve decided to make a few changes, or actually to reinstate what I used to do to alleviate the stress and control myself from being upset if things get out of control.  Here is my list:

1. Buy the finest bedding possible and revamp your bedroom to make it a sanctuary.
2. Take a half hour a day to close the door and nap in the bedroom, in total quiet.
3.  Sign up for Pandora and listen to relaxing or spa music at least an hour while you work – at home or at a desk.
4. Have an array of candles on hand, while dining – no matter what part of the house.
5. Ask loved ones to give you space to re-evaluate whatever is bothering you.
6. Draw a bath and soak while listing to the sounds of a tropical rain forest on your i-pod.
7. Spend a Saturday morning – going for a walk alone and then stop for coffee afterwards at your local coffee shop and read a traditional paperback novel.
8. Go wine tasting or champagne sampling with a few girlfriends anywhere.
9. Get dressed up and go for a romantic dinner with your partner and have someone else watch the children away from home.
10. Plan a spa weekend getaway for you and your partner.
11.  Indulge in your guilty pleasure on Sunday afternoons.
12.  Make a list of things you are thankful for.
13. Watch classic films – based on your favorite parts of the world. 
       Roman Holiday,  Funny Face, An American In Paris
14. Have  a romantic evening at home with champagne and the finest chocolat
15. Walk
16. Visit a Museum.
17. Experience a new cafe or eatery.
18. Climb to the highest point in your city and enjoy the views.
19. Instagram and antiquate your photos
20. Remember: Nothing in life is worth stressing over or being upset from.

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