Month: January 2011

golden globe gowns for the over 40 crowd

You know I actually was going to leave this topic for my other blog here, but since the fashion introduced on the red carpet is pretty influential and vital to the fashion industry and trend followers, I decided to include some of my favorites and not so favorites from this year’s Golden Globe for the over 40 crowd. My list of picks for best dressed: 1. Jennifer  Lopez  – Zuhair Murad gown – best dressed winner in my opinion 2. Nicole Kidman – Prada gown – safe and flawless 3. Kyra Sedwick – Emilio Pucci gown – gorgeous in my opinion – vibrant colors and riskee but truly gorgeous. 4. Melissa Leo – gown unknown – safe, beautiful in a sequence  gown. 5. Julie Brown – Tadashi Shoji – elegant and glamorous and very age appropriate My list of picks for the worst dressed: 1. Helen Bonham Carter – Doesn’t matter what gown – disaster 2. Tilda Swinton – Doesn’t matter what gown – with her model like features, she could have dressed better. 3. …

boutique hotel pick – grand hotel tremezzo – lake como, italy

Every year, I pick a destination (mostly in Europe) and run with it. This year it is Italy, so you will be hearing alot about Italy in the upcoming months from travel to fashion to food and wine and photos of where I have been and where I have yet to discover.  In addition, I will share with you, hotels throughout Italy which I love, or have stayed at and some I wish to stay in the very near future. So, here we go 😉 Second hotel pick for 2011, is the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como (area) Italy. I first heard about this property through a professor at San Francisco State University, long, long time ago and of course I jotted it down in my journal for future use. Later on when I developed a crush on George Clooney and discovered he purchased a villa in Lake Como, I decided it was time for me to go there and check out the destination and while I was at it, to check out the …

healthy eating – arugula salad recipe

I actually got tired of eating the same leaves day in and day out, so one day while shopping at my favorite grocery store,  I decided to bring home a box of freshy cut and washed arugula to test out. Although I have had them many times in restaurants, I never considered consuming them at home. Don’t ask. Anyway, I brought them home and decided to experiment and to my surprise I was able to create a great tasting salad from a recipe I found here and now arugula has become my choice of leaves. Ingredients: 6 cups arugula leaves 1 mango, peeled and cut into long slices 1 avocado, peeled and sliced ½ red onion, sliced 1 tbs lime juice Spicy orange vinaigrette 1 tbs champagne vinegar 4 tbs orange juice, about ½ orange 2 tbs lime juice, about ½ lime 4 tbs olive oil ½ tsp cumin 2 tbs finely chopped cilantro 1 red chili or hot pepper, sliced Salt and pepper Preparation: Combine all the ingredients for the salad dressing in a …

valentino shoes for spring 2011

Designer shoes are not only inspirational but in essence have a way of making  a woman feel sexy no matter how emotionally unstable she may be on the inside. (Ladies, I say that with love). In light of this subject, I can honestly say I am not partial to any particular designer, I am however particular to the actual design and functionality of a shoe.  So, here we go, first stop Valentino Shoes and since I seem to have trouble with choosing just a few pairs of  the Valentino shoe collection  for Spring 2011, I have decided to include some of my absolute favorites and offer you a link to the website here, just in case you want to go crazy.

golden globe 2011 – my predictions

Every year I take great pride in partaking in the Golden Globe Awards by attending some of the functions as well as predicting the winners. This year is no exception of course, so I have made a list of my predictions from the films and actors nominated for the Golden Globe Award 2011. For a detailed film reviews click here or  bookmark  my entertainment blog – GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINEES 2011 & MY PREDICTIONS Best Motion Picture, Drama **Black Swan – Golden Globe choice The Fighter Inception The King’s Speech **The Social Network – My choice Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical Alice in Wonderland Burlesque **The Kids Are All Right – My choice & GG choice Red The Tourist Best Director – Motion Picture **Darren Aronofsky – Black Swan –  Golden Globe choice David Fincher – The Social Network Tom Hooper – The King’s Speech **Christopher Nolan – Inception  – My Choice David O. Russell – The Fighter Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama **Jesse Eisenberg –  The Social Network – My 2nd choice …

the nook vs the home library

I understand the new trend is to downsize and declutter. The two things I am a big fan of and have, over the past two years, applied to my new and improved lifestyle. But the one thing I seem to have trouble with is getting rid of books and/or downsizing my  home library collection. Everyone around me keeps suggesting I invest in an electronic reading gadget, such as the Kindle, the Nook or the I-Pad to replace my collection of hardcover and paperback books.  I don’t know why but I absolutely refuse to give in and instead continue to dream of creating my own  in home library for my next place of residence. Call me crazy, but there is nothing more rewarding then a floor to ceiling custom built bookshelves which house a collection of wonderful and sometimes unique books that are incorporated in either a family room, a long hallway or an actual home library (room). I have included some of my favorite in home library designs to consider and perhaps share with you …

boutique hotel pick – hotel denieli – venice italy

My first boutique hotel pick for 2011 is none other than the Hotel Denieli in Venice, Italy.  This particular property is one of my favorites to recommend to clients, who want to plan a romantic holiday and/or are celebrating a special occasion. The hotel is walking distance from San Marco Square, cafes and restaurants  and a quick water-taxi ride from the Rialto Bridge. This boutique hotel with a five-star rating is  one of the most luxurious and glamorous properties in Venice and although the building structure is  a 14th century masterpiece, it has been renovated in 2008 to include modern day amenities for those guests who need to stay connected. Some of the most amazing decors to take note of are, the  Murano glass chandeliers, pink marble columns and stained glass windows and high ceilings. It is truly  an architectural wonder in my opinion and a must stay for sure. Planning ahead is ideal for Hotel Denielli during the high season stay (Late Summer  to early Fall) and rates are the best for off season travel.

challenges of wrinkle creams

Here is a topic I have been avoiding for a while, but since those annoying wrinkles are beginning to creep up on me, I am no longer able to avoid the problem at hand. However, finding the right wrinkle cream is probably the most frustrating thing I have experienced in the history of my shopping endeavors.  I have visited every make up counter and spoken to dozens of make up consultants, I have surfed the net and  read  reviews on most any cream out there and yet, I am just not convinced any of them will  help nor  are worth the amount of money they cost. What I did do however, is compile here and here some sites of the most highly recommended wrinkle creams out there and I would love to  hear from anyone who has tried any of them and what you actually  thought about it?

new year lifestyle makeover

Normally around the end of a year or the beginning of a new one, people tend to reconfigure their life and lifestyles in an effort to make changes, which in essence will allow them to feel good about themselves throughout the New Year. It’s funny this behavior is almost automatic and whether we think about it or not, all of us participate uniformly and sometimes subconsciously. While searching online for various small or big changes people tend to make around the end or beginning of a new year are: 1.Get  rid  of old clothes and donate them to a worthy cause 2. Spruce up the house by either painting or redecorating a room or two. 3.  Contemplate a new hair do and/or color treatment. 4. Shred old or expired files and organize a new filing system. 5. Clean out linen closets and declutter a food pantry. 6. Shop for a new perfume or explore new make up options. 7. Get a message or a spa treatment 8. Purge computer and organize online photos 9. Get …

intro to spring 2011 fashion trends

Although it may seem a bit early to think about Spring fashion, since most of us can’t seem to stay warm enough during this Winter season,  in reality it is actually the perfect time. Well, maybe not from the consumers point of view, but for sure from the retailers perspective. So with that seed being planted in your minds, I have included some photos of the Spring 2011 collection from the various designers for your viewing pleasure. Check them out and tell me what you think? Also, in the next few weeks I will be discussing the fashion trends in great detail, so stay tuned!