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the nook vs the home library

I understand the new trend is to downsize and declutter. The two things I am a big fan of and have, over the past two years, applied to my new and improved lifestyle. But the one thing I seem to have trouble with is getting rid of books and/or downsizing my  home library collection.

Everyone around me keeps suggesting I invest in an electronic reading gadget, such as the Kindle, the Nook or the I-Pad to replace my collection of hardcover and paperback books.  I don’t know why but I absolutely refuse to give in and instead continue to dream of creating my own  in home library for my next place of residence.

Call me crazy, but there is nothing more rewarding then a floor to ceiling custom built bookshelves which house a collection of wonderful and sometimes unique books that are incorporated in either a family room, a long hallway or an actual home library (room).

I have included some of my favorite in home library designs to consider and perhaps share with you the passion I have for books. Tell me what you think?


  1. I love my bookshelves and can’t seem to get into the e-books yet. Like everything else, I’m sure I’ll switch over eventually but I love looking at stacks of books. I really like the 3rd one up from the bottom, having a curtain in front of the bookshelf so you can cover the whole thing up if you want.

  2. Ali Borovik says

    A library/study has always been my dream room. My degree’s in English/Film, & I always wanted a place for not just books, but research, journals and even back issues of photography and design magazines ( neatly stored and labled); a place for pictures and negatives AND a desk space. My family keeps none of that, but I have a book of Artists’ living rooms in Paris–all cluttered with books and magazines.

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