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Patriotic Ensemble

I am not one to dress symbolically, but on occasion will throw in accessories which are a subtle reminder of a national celebration. Happy 4th of July to all who celebrate the holiday. Patriotic Ensemble by rawsilkandsaffron featuring gold bangles Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress Pierre Hardy red sandals Chloé satchel bag Dsquared leather bangle Gold bangle $38 – Juliet & Company pearl stud earrings Polka dot scarve Ray-Ban ray ban shades

modern classic fashion photo shoot

I go through many phases while contemplating my life and since “the wedding” last month, I have been in a retro mood, so it’s no surprise that I would fall madly in-love with the below photos, which I found here. I am not sure who the creative mind behind the photographs is, but based on the style, Grace Coddington, creative director of Vogue most definitely comes to mind. If  anyone can shed some light on this, I would really appreciate it if you would drop me a line or two. Anyway, love these fashion photos which take me back to an amazing era in fashion.

the aftermath of the film mirror mirror

I take film watching very seriously as we know it here and so, before anyone judges, I have a few things to say about the film Mirror Mirror and it’s impact on me (a woman over 40). First, let’s clarify, the film, is really not one to run to the movie theater for, but outside of that fact and of course in my opinion, it is a comedic take on a middle-aged woman’s struggles to stay desirable and loved in the world of the “Snow Whites” (meaning the younger woman). Subliminal, the message may be, I couldn’t help but walk away feeling nothing but sorry for the “Evil” step mother, who seemed misunderstood  and mostly lonely, in this version of The Snow White story.

and the oscar goes to…everyone if it were left up to me for 2012

You know what I hate about the competitive world? It’s that we have to always crown a single winner from a list of the best. Well, since that is the case, I am having a difficult time accepting that there could  only be one winner per category for this year’s Oscars. I mean if you happen to be a film buff, like myself, you tend to question,  how Clooney’s performance was better than Brad Pitts and that Jean Dujardin may beat both of them as a result of his performance in The Artist Can we actually say Viola Davis was better than Meryl Streep or Glen Close, even when young actresses like Michelle Williams and Rooney Mara did an outstanding job in their roles as well? And how about Christopher Plummer and Kenneth Branagh or Nick Nolte for that matter, and should  Jonah Hill really be included in the running for Best Actor in a Supporting role right alongside those seasoned actors? Seriously, is Martin Scorsese  more talented  than Woody Allen, or is Hugo a …

have you met fifi flowers?

There is nothing like clicking away at my keyboard and accidentally stumbling upon a website or a blog which simply lights up my face. I did just that when I came across, fififlowers blog here. The first thing that came to mind is, finally I found the artist I want to design my first novel cover and after flipping through her artwork, I definiately know she will be the one to design the cover. Check out some of my favorites and then click here to  hopefully see some of yours.

elle decor you inspire me

I can honestly  tell you that I cannot pass up the magazine section at any bookstore, especially when I come across Elle Decor. In my opinion, it is the most resourceful, user-friendly, esthetically pleasing  and well-organized interior decorating magazine and I love the fact, it is published globally with  U.K., Australia and French versions to booth. Anyway, I tend to keep most of my Elle Decor magazines because I feel, like fashion, interior decorating is recyclable and what is considered old news will most likely be new trend in the coming years. Besides my eclectic taste in decor is another reason to keep the magazines. Here are some of  my favorite Elle Decor photos from years past which I think can most certainly be included in today’s design styles. Tell me what you think?

golden globe 2011 – my predictions

Every year I take great pride in partaking in the Golden Globe Awards by attending some of the functions as well as predicting the winners. This year is no exception of course, so I have made a list of my predictions from the films and actors nominated for the Golden Globe Award 2011. For a detailed film reviews click here or  bookmark  my entertainment blog – GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINEES 2011 & MY PREDICTIONS Best Motion Picture, Drama **Black Swan – Golden Globe choice The Fighter Inception The King’s Speech **The Social Network – My choice Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical Alice in Wonderland Burlesque **The Kids Are All Right – My choice & GG choice Red The Tourist Best Director – Motion Picture **Darren Aronofsky – Black Swan –  Golden Globe choice David Fincher – The Social Network Tom Hooper – The King’s Speech **Christopher Nolan – Inception  – My Choice David O. Russell – The Fighter Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama **Jesse Eisenberg –  The Social Network – My 2nd choice …