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the aftermath of the film mirror mirror

I take film watching very seriously as we know it here and so, before anyone judges, I have a few things to say about the film Mirror Mirror and it’s impact on me (a woman over 40).

First, let’s clarify, the film, is really not one to run to the movie theater for, but outside of that fact and of course in my opinion, it is a comedic take on a middle-aged woman’s struggles to stay desirable and loved in the world of the “Snow Whites” (meaning the younger woman).

Subliminal, the message may be, I couldn’t help but walk away feeling nothing but sorry for the “Evil” step mother, who seemed misunderstood  and mostly lonely, in this version of The Snow White story.

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  1. mauricio says

    I know what you mean about submerging oneself into a movie. I sometimes do the same, albeit under different genres. While reading your comments a question I’ve had in the back of my mind surfaced yet once again; what is the difference between prertty and beautiful.

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