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It’s a Wrap…For The Week

I scheduled some much needed time-off this past week…only to end up virtually attending a 2-3 hour meeting each day for work. Mostly external seminars that I could not simply decline or ask to be rescheduled.

On day four, while attending virtual session number four on how to be the best version of yourself past the qualifications to be in current role, I realized there is really no 100pct unplugging from work, at least for some careers. Mine happens to be one of those roles-where it is very difficult to unplug.

I did learn a lot in the self-betterment seminar, which I will share here in the coming week. After I have time to reflect and gather my thoughts. As for the hours in between the meetings, I did manage to reassess all things piled in my to-do list-mostly chores, to see if they are truly things I need to do or ones I want to do. And miraculously (wink) by the time Wednesday rolled around, the 20 or so to-dos dwindled down to only two. And I have to say I have never felt more relieved.

So I wonder. Have I gotten lazy in my old age, or simply becoming more wise about how I choose to live my life.

I’d like to think it’s the later. But I also realize that my priorities in life have shifted, just as yours may have, since the pandemic. And what was once a must-to-do has now become – not-so-much anymore.

Do you feel you’ve changed in the last year? And if so, how?

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Shifting gears as usual. Have you see Maid on Netflix? The story about a struggling Mom who chose to leave her abusive husband and start a life for herself.

If so, which character impacted you the most in season 1?

Disclaimer: Rumor has it there is a season 2.

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On the kitchen front: Here’s my favorite recipe for the week? Although, and since I juggle work and caring for my mother. I decided to take short cuts. I bought ready made tortellini from the grocers and simply made the sauce.

Recipe and photo full credit here

In Travel: As the holidays are fast approaching, I am feeling the need to travel to a smalltown-anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. How about you?

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And finally. What are you doing this weekend? I am venturing out to a small town 15 miles outside of San Francisco and spending the day simply soaking it in.

Photo by Skyler Ewing on

I call this visual therapy – enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

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