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Randomness – But Good Topics For Happy Vibes

Some good things to know about on occasion,  or perhaps now much more than ever, to help us emotionally cope with our current environment.  Although I have adapted to this lifestyle, now going on nearly two months, some days I find myself very on edge. And then I turn to the positive, to help me through the most difficult of times.

What hotels are giving back is something we all need to know

One interestingly cool story about Ireland and an actor stuck in quarantine

you have to admit – this is the best thing that’s ever happened in the worst of times – animals taking over cities 🙂

find your corner and make the best of it

British factory turned into the perfect home

Take this quiz – if you have always wondered which prince you are matched with.

Things to do when travelling is not an option.

What feel good article do you want to share? Oh and by the way - Prince Philip

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