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Food: Dinner Tonight – From Taco to Chicken Skewers

I spent the entire morning in line, plus grocery shopping with not much luck in finding everything in one store. What I dislike the most about this sort of shopping experience, is that it is difficult to stick to a menu for the week, like I used to when I trekked over to my favorite Trader Joe’s and picked up the same proteins, plus the ingredients for my weekly, taco, pasta, chicken, seafood, salad and soup dish.  Not complaining hopefully, just painting the picture.

Anyway, while stuffing my freezer with all the things I bought  on “I think I might need,” since we can’t just run to the store anymore on a whim to pick up missing ingredients, I had trouble settling on what’s for dinner tonight.  So, I’ve included my first and second choices just in case one stands out over the other 😉

Option One - If you are craving chicken

Not sure what makes this a Lebanese chicken, but since the recipe is close to my family cooking, I will be testing this one out – maybe tonight, or tomorrow night

Option two - Taco for any day of the week and then some


Or… as we all know by now – taco any day for me.


{recipe and photo source}

{featured image source}

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