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State of Mind For This Thursday

I stayed in bed this morning, and went back to sleep. I guess my body was telling me I needed to slow down or take a few moments to simply relax. I it seemed the universe was sensing my need, because all of a sudden, out of nowhere I heard classical music. So I finally opened my eyes to see where the beautiful rendition was coming from.  Naturally discovering from my phone – in case you must know , it was Symphony no 3 in F, Op. 90:2 Andante performed by Berliner Philharmoniker & Claudio Abaddo – making me feel as if I’d woken up in a field of Spring flowers, and a dozen or more butterflies fluttering all around. It actually was a nice change to my usual quiet crawl out of bed at 4 in the morning to relieve my dog and feed him, and jump on the computer for work – since I’m part of a global software company – we tend to redefine normal work hours.

The idea of waking up to the classical station, had me brewing a cup of espresso, slicing fresh strawberries, drizzled with dark chocolate, and boiling two eggs to perfection, while gliding throughout the house, as if I were not in isolation from all things I adore.

It’s funny how something so simple could alter an otherwise distraught frame of mind. I think this will become my daily ritual from now on. 🙂

So guess what I’ll be doing this evening, after work of course, watching the following classic films  – to continue my frame of mind – hugs to all of you .

For Films - one - two - three 

{featured image full credit}


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