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Lifestyle: Back Pain and Other Remedies

I’ve been dealing with the worst of back pain lately – sitting at a desk for eight hours doesn’t help either. But the pain is border line agonizing. Tylenol helps and walking seems to do the trick temporarily, there is apparently seven yoga moves that also help relieve the pain.


While efforting to Superfood my way to a healthier me – I learned about Lucuma Powder – and just figured I’d put it out there, in case, you struggle like most of us with all sorts of health issues.

Animals are probably the best creatures to aid in your well-being, past the meds, and all other stimulants, I prefer the holistic method to calm and tranquility:

Struggling to set your boundaries, or perhaps you feel setting them is out of your control – since being so mindful of other people’s feelings – but, take it from me, not setting them will impact your overall mental and physical health:

Can social media cause depression? I’ve been considering this claim and have included a supporting article, for you to toy around with. Do you put social media aside on the weekends or at the very least one day a week? I do and it helps keep me focused, less-resentful and more productive. How about you?

On another note – have you seen the show THE BOYZ on Amazon Prime?  I’ve recently started to watch the show and command the concept behind the bad side of superheroes. 


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