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Tuesday Five Things Which Have Me Thinking

I’ve been working on a final edit for my third novel, which is long overdue to being released to the world. 🙂 But, in all fairness, I allowed life to get in the way of maintaining a schedule. Instead choosing to put on a shelf my novel, in order to free up time to handle the most pressing of issues that continued to sneak up and shuffle the norm.

So that’s today’s thought. So, this morning, while thumbing through my phone at the doctor’s office waiting to see a specialist, I found myself pleasantly distracted by:

Everything you need to know or in my case understand about Chardonnay since I am a Cabernet person really

Why is everyone having two wedding celebrations? Not sure by everyone – they mean celebrities? Because are normal folk really having more than one wedding?

Travel season might be winding down for those in school – but in reality, it is just the beginning for those who prefer the off-season and carry-on is the topic of this discussion

Watching THE CROWN has surely sparked much interest in certain figures that passed through time – and Princess Margaret’s first true love was one I found myself researching about.

Is it too soon to talk about Fall fashion? Not from a marketing point of view…

And here I pay tribute to one of the most influential authors in my lifetime – Toni Morrison – her stories inspired me to write

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