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Tuesday Five Things Which Have Me Thinking

I’ve been working on a final edit for my third novel, which is long overdue to being released to the world. 🙂 But, in all fairness, I allowed life to get in the way of maintaining a schedule. Instead choosing to put on a shelf my novel, in order to free up time to handle the most pressing of issues that continued to sneak up and shuffle the norm. So that’s today’s thought. So, this morning, while thumbing through my phone at the doctor’s office waiting to see a specialist, I found myself pleasantly distracted by:

most memorable photographs of san gimignano, italy

There are some places in Italy I have wanted to see for a long time but didn’t dare to rent a car, so this trip I decided to take a day tour just to get a glimpse of the small villages throughout Tuscany. After Siena, we headed out to San Gimignano, which is situated on a hilltop somewhere in Tuscany, click here if you want all the statistics and other vital information.  After given a brief explanation of what to look for, we were let loose to wander about the village. Which is exactly as it should be during a bus tour. Brief explanation and alot of time to be on our own. From San Gimignano, I took away the following: {photos are the property of}