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Lifestyle: What Your Body Is Telling You

Breakfast is to be eaten in a relaxed state of being – suggests this plan I am trying out recently to ward off some health issues that have popped up recently.  But I wonder how that is possible when there are a million and one things in life that keep us from being less uptight or stressed even while consuming our meals. The funny story here is that  this morning, I parked my car in Golden Gate park after a doctor’s appointment to eat the so-suggested calm breakfast before the start to my hectic day – and attempted to listen to French music on my Pandora to help set the mood. But of course, my phone had no service, no matter how many times I turned it off and on, and then there were the street cleaning trucks grinding almost as they crawled by across the street blowing debris in any direction but suctioning inside their vacuum-truck.  Or am I off my rocker to think the trucks actually have vacuum-like suctions underneath.  So basically even an attempt at peacefulness was unsuccessful, and I found myself rushing to finish the last bite to get on with my day.

It was when I parked my car at my destination, that my phone finally had service.

Even though I am very open to learning the best way to handle stress, and are often reminded by those around me who care – to find a ways to relax, the day-to-day life is managing to take it’s toll on me just as this article details.

So, what is the solution? I ask myself everyday, and although I already know what it would take to calm my life,  I also have compassion, dedication and responsibilities which I cannot walk away from in order to distress and live in calm. Are you the same way?

Here’s what I try to do as often as I can to help – in between the madness – I walk for 5-7 miles one weekend day very early morning across the city and have lunch with a friend in a different neighborhood – and then take the public transportation back to my home, or walk back.

I write – here and a chapter or two of my next novel any chance I get, or draft up ideas for a new story.

I cook every night – with the freshest ingredients while listening to French music, and refusing to have stressful conversations with family during this ritual.

Weekend getaways are very important – to recharge and to compartmentalize all that needs to be done over the course of the coming week or month.

Time-management is very important so that I don’t feel flustered with chores and work and I actually work with a to-do list so not to push-out what I can get done sooner than later.

I do my best to not create clutter around the house or the kitchen and have dedicated Friday mornings to do the laundry, and keep the closets organized.

On restless nights, I read, not from my smart-phone but rather an actual paperback novel – where the story whisks me away to somewhere else so that I can eventually fall asleep.

So far, so boring you might think?  Well, then let’s focus on some breathing exercises with these  visual therapy that may entice you to plan the much-needed getaway.

Think of white-sand beaches….for a relaxing trip

Best rooms in Monte Carlo with the most views

experience a swimming hole – from around the world

craving the Hamptons? Why not try Nyack, New York

and then there is Positano…need I say more?

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