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Decor: Weekend Hibernation And Spring Cleaning

This weekend, since we were destined for a storm, with heavy rains and thunder, I decided to tackle closet Spring cleaning, where I pulled everything out and created piles of toss, keep, maybe and what I call – keepsakes for another five years until I am ready to let go of those pieces.  I stayed away from social media, just rolled up my sleeves and dove in.

Part of the chore felt like Christmas, where I found myself looking forward to opening plastic bins and boxes and discovering all of the contents – particularly perfume samples, and a collection of postcards from all of the places I’ve been. Even tickets to a play in London, and dinner at the Eiffel Tower – everything taking me back to wonderful memories. As you might imagine, those things went into the keepsake pile. What I did different this year, is order bins from here to help create a sense of uniformity in the closets and easy access for those things when needed are seldom found.  But what I failed to do was take a before photo to compare, but I know how perfectly functional this new attempt at Spring cleaning went and I think that’s all that matters.

Anyway, as someone told me – keep your writing to a minimal and so here it is –

My recent bedroom love –

After attending a funeral service on Sunday afternoon, and listening to a bunch of women seated at my table during the service lunch, gossip dirty – I realized what an awful tendency we all posses and how can we stop the gossiping or can we?

A week here with loved ones would be ideal this summer – is my idea of a great vacation

Do you backpack? I do – for work, exercise and travel – I am a backpacker

Have you been to Stockholm? I haven’t, but it’s in the works

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