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Dreams of Dolphins Swimming

Lately I’ve had some strange dreams and by the time I woke up I could not for the life of me, recollect what it was about. But last night I dreamt that I missed my stop while commuting into work, because I couldn’t put my shoes back on in time to bolt out of the sliding doors to the train,  and when the train pulled up to the next stop,  I stepped out of the ‘hover train’ onto a pool of water covering the tracks and most of the platform.  This made sense, I figured even within my dream I tend to rationalize.  You see we’ve been having  a weird storm in San Francisco, between downpours and light sprinkles and clouds and sun and cold and even colder winds blowing in all directions, I suppose my subconscious went to bed thinking about global warming and all the worst of the scenarios. So when I stood there in a foot of water on the platform, trying to figure out where the water had come from, I heard the the screeching whistles of a dozen or more dolphins, swimming upstream if you will where the tracks were and I jumped back, very scared and yet very intrigued by their beauty  and I took out my camera, aiming to record, but very unable for the most unusual reasons. The phone kept slipping between my fingers and the button wasn’t working. Another ‘hover like train’ pulled up and let out more people who seemed unphased by the beautiful creatures. They were more interested in ascending to the street level and getting to work, I assumed again needing to rationalize. Suddenly I heard another sound, and this time it was a lion cub walking next to me, trying to escape the flooding, and then another train pulled up and the dolphins scattered and slid unto the platform, surrounding me and although I was still frightened, I never considered leaving my spot. I felt the need to protect them from the trains and the people who somehow managed to maneuver around all the chaos. Finally, I located where the water was cascading from – a crack in a wall which for some reason, had a newly installed window, ill-fitted,  I concluded, staring at the water gushing in volumes, while cursing the architect or engineer who put the window there. And just as I tried to stop an oncoming train from inevitably hurting the dolphins, I forced myself to open my eyes so not to see…

To see a dolphin represents your ability to explore and navigate through your emotions. It symbolizes spiritual guidance and emotional trust. Since dolphins are generally conceived as playful and happy animals, seeing them appearing in your dream often suggest enjoyment, positive feelings and circumstances. {source}

So, why is it that I was frightened or felt when I woke up that the dream was nightmarish – when in interpretation – is it a good thing. Dolphin is my spirit animal and I have always adored them – I just wish I could make good sense of my dream.

Do you remember your dreams when you wake up and even long after?

{featured image source}


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