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Lifestyle: Engaging Your Brain

Here’s what I normally do – when someone offers up information about something. I Google to read all about it – or even more about it. This is also when I am watching a film, I feel the need to know everything about the actors, why they chose the part, to the project itself and budget and why certain studios considered it a smart investment; not to mention where the film took place – especially destination filming.

History is even more fascinating to me and although my educators brushed up on some things back when I was in school, I find myself needing to expand on their fundamental teachings. We are fortunate today, that there is so much factual or fabricated ‘trivia’ available online to tap into, not only to expand on the knowledge, but also to engage the ol’ brain, which could potentially help improve with memory and cognition. That’s what I woke up this morning focused on and the need to share.  Let’s start shall we?

In the U.S we celebrate Memorial day – the last Monday in May and although most people are excited about having a three day weekend to leisure – there is much to learn about the holiday. Click here

Watching the television series Victoria may sparked your curiosity about The Golden Era of Queen Victoria – is explained here

How much is the Oscar really worth?

Paris is removing its Iconic Kiosks – which most of us have grown accustomed to and instead….here

Did you know the earth had an eight continent – hidden – named Zealandia – read more here

I think this was always the plan…sent to the universe by a wishful forward thinker –



  1. Hi MS,
    Couple of years ago I visited my British friend’s office and liked a poster on his office wall, which read: O’ Lord! Give me the knowledge only that I require to benefit myself and other’s lives from it. Rest is for someone else – give it to them! 😊 👍 I Wish you all the best and keep up with your research work. Enjoyed reading your blog.

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