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Let’s Catch Up

A common text message across any social media or even over a chat medium at work. Catch up requires so much work really these days, more so if you are not emotionally in a good spot. Or are simply overwhelmed with life. Is it really the first day of Fall? Is Christmas truly just around corner? I’ve recently allowed so many things to bring me down…I thought I was over this stage in life, where I am not as bothered as I was in my 20s. But I guess I was wrong. And if I were to excuse my actions, I would have to say perhaps vulnerability has paved the way to our way of thinking and feeling since the pandemic. The world is also changing, I feel much faster than we are programmed to adapt. I once had a neighbor, who always smiled. I mean even while walking to his car, and back into the house alone, he smiled. When I asked him once, how he was able to be this way, he told …

Lifestyle: Engaging Your Brain

Here’s what I normally do – when someone offers up information about something. I Google to read all about it – or even more about it. This is also when I am watching a film, I feel the need to know everything about the actors, why they chose the part, to the project itself and budget and why certain studios considered it a smart investment; not to mention where the film took place – especially destination filming. History is even more fascinating to me and although my educators brushed up on some things back when I was in school, I find myself needing to expand on their fundamental teachings. We are fortunate today, that there is so much factual or fabricated ‘trivia’ available online to tap into, not only to expand on the knowledge, but also to engage the ol’ brain, which could potentially help improve with memory and cognition. That’s what I woke up this morning focused on and the need to share.  Let’s start shall we?  

Lifestyle: Can We Learn From All This…

There are helpful articles everywhere naturally. Aiding in coping, dealing, working through, how to’s and much more, which occasionally will or could shed some light on what we think we already know, or maybe we are utterly too baffled to resolve on our own. Or, just that we simply want to educate ourselves on subject matter, we know nothing about, but are willing to understand. For that reason, I am sharing a few finds online that may be beneficial: